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Sex sells

Veröffentlicht: 25.11.2008 um 11:52 von Elli

Hello alltogether,
last week on thursday I had the great chance to make new pictures with a fantastic photographer. His name is Thomas Rabsch...We made them for my new record which is coming out next year...
Normally I hate to make photos, but with Thomas it is just nice and easy. You don..t have to act stupid or as another person...And you do things you would never do with another guy...that..s why I want him as my personal photographer for the rest of my life...Really...

Go to myspace pictures and you will not see the original ones from Thomas but mine from the shooting around...

As soon as I have the pics you will see them on all of my pages and of course on my new record...

Oh by the way. The title of my new record is "Human"

Thank you to Thomas, Sasha and Ann Luise and of course Tine (the dog)

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